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ELII Odyssey 2003 Summer Institute Participants Recognized

Elizabeth with the Callisto group

     Certificates were presented to members of the 2003 Summer Institute of the Eli Lilly Institute Initiative at Earlham College Thursday (June 26) evening. 
     Granddaughter Elizabeth Burdette was a member of the Callisto group.  Her group presented a collage of pictures of their activies during the past two weeks.  Following presentations by the 16 groups, a recognition ceremony was presented.  A video of the two weeks activites was also played to end the event.  Earlier, a dinner was held for participants, parents and relatives.

Elizabeth describing the picture montage

Elizabeth receiving her certificate

     The ELII Odyssey program is meant to help students in school and in going on to college.  This program's results have shown that it does help students to on to college.  The first year's results show that 24 out of 27 students continued their education by attending post secondary schooling.  This is the fifth year for the program at Earlham.
     Program Coordinator Todd Knight said, "I would be interested in seeing how many kids graduated from college."

38th Dixon Dance Review

Taylor is all the way to the right

Taylor dancing to Goody, Goody

    Granddaughter Taylor Felker participated in the the 38th Richmond Dixon Dance Review at the Richmond Civic Hall Performing Arts Center Friday night (June 13).  She danced to the tune, Goody Goody, with five other dancers - Christina Uphaus, Jessica Breeding, Shannon Conant, Tasha Harris and Amelia Frye.  There were 57 dance performances in the marathon review... Taylor's was 16th.

Ole Swimmin' Hole is Completed...

Excavating the hole for the pool

      Construction on a new swimming pool at our daughter's home began Monday (May 26) morning.  A backhoe was used to carve out the hole.  The metal framing was then installed around the perimeter.  On Saturday, June 7, everything was ready for the liner to be installed.  After the air bubbles were pumped out, the pool was ready for  water.  Two loads of water were pumped in and Emily and Justin and their two cousins, Taylor and Cameron jumped in to initate the pool.  Elizabeth was away to a birthday party in Cambridge City and missed out on the fun!

Pool with the liner installed

Workers begin spreading the liner

Decifering the instructrions

     On their mother's birthday, June 28th, Mark helps his sister, Karen and brother-in-law Johnny, figure out how to put the water slide together.  After several attempts, it was bolted together.

Emily is first down the slide

Carrying the slide to poolside

    Johnny and Mark carried the slide to the pool where they bolted it to the concrete.  Then the grandkids lined up for their first ride down the slide.  Emily got the honor of the being first down into the pool.

Lincoln High School Marching Eagles

(Indianapolis, IN)---Four Wayne County schools marched in the Sweet Sixteen competition at the Indiana State Fair High School Band Day Wednesday.  Richmond was named second, Centerville placed fourth and won first place among small bands, Northeastern was eighth and Hagerstown was ninth. 
    Muncie Southside was first for the second consecutive year.
    The Lincoln High School Marching Eagles, in its second appearance in competition, was named 20th in the afternoon competition.  35 schools from around the state participated.
whf  8/7/03 10:03am


(Centerville, IN)---A new sign was erected Wednesday in front of the Easter Seals office just east of Centerville on U.S. 40.  The sign replaced an old wooden sign that had fallen in disrepair.  The new sign is lighted and permits the organization to advertise events.  The first message was to thank the Wayne County Foundation for a grant that covered most of the cost of the sign.  It was erected by A Plus Signs of Richmond.
     Easter Seals Board of Directors members will be installing new landscape timbers and planting new bushes and flowers at the base of the sign.
whf 7/30/03  3:18pm

Love is Love is Beautiful

Four month old Tori Love Richardson

Ann & Ron Love with daughter & granddaughter

    The first visit for Tori Love Richardson to our home on Saturday afternoon, July 26th.  Her mother, Julie, and her parents, Ann & Ron Love, came with her for the ride.  Tori lives in Hamilton, New Jersey and is visiting her grandpa and grandma in Danville, Indiana... just a hop, skip and a jump from Richmond.  Well... maybe a long jump!

A Visit to See Abby

Abby poses for the camera

Watering the lawn

    We travelled to Danville, Indiana on Saturday, August 16 to visit Abby... the new headmistress at the Love household.  She sure is a nice dog and lucky to have a nice home.  Right now, she's learning the ropes and helps Ron water and fertilize the lawn.

Whitewater Rafting

Kellie and Mark

     Son Mark and his wife, Kellie... along with four others from Richmond travelled to Hico, West Virginia August 29 and 30 for a whitewater rafting trip.  They joined another couple and guide for the all day trip down the river.  This picture is taken from a video taken of the Mountain River trip.

Elizabeth turns 15


     Granddaughter Elizabeth Burdette observed her 15th birthday Wednesday, September 3 with pizza at Clara's.  She celebrated with her family with a party last Saturday.  She's a Freshman at Lincoln High School in Cambridge City.

Granddaughter Marches in Lincoln H.S. Band

Elizabeth in the Canal Days Parade

Elizabeth marches at State Fair

     Granddaughter Elizabeth Burdette marched with the Lincoln Golden Eagles Marching Band at the Indiana State Fair Band Day on Wednesday, August 6.  The theme for the band was The Cost of Freedom... about war and peace.  The band placed 20th in the afternoon competition.  For more information on the band, read the Palladium-Item story...
    On Sunday, September 7, the Lincoln High School Band was featured in the Canal Days Parade in Cambridge City.

Mom's Vacation Back to Indiana


    Mom Felker returned to Indiana for a visit July 23rd through August 4th.  My sister and brother-in-law, Carole and Bill McDonald brought her with them on a flight from Florida.  While in Indiana, Mom visited her sister in Fort Branch and saw her friends at Interfaith Apartments, where she had resided for about seven years, and at Centerville United Methodist Church, where she was a member.  She also saw five of her  great grandchildren who live in the area.  This picture was taken after church on Sunday, August 3rd.

Lincoln Marching Eagles

(Cambridge City, IN)---Canal Days continued Sunday at Cambridge City.  A parade was held that featured the Lincoln High School Marching Band.   Police and fire units from Cambridge City and area towns led the parade.  Main Street was lined with all kinds of booths.  Funnel cakes and elephant ears were favorites of many.  Both sides of the street were lined with onlookers.  Several political candidates took advantage to promote themselves... even from Richmond.
whf  9/7/03  10:29pm


(Richmond, IN)---WayNet's annual Web Site Awards were presented following the organization's annual meeting in the Landrum Bolling Center at Earlham College Tuesday evening.  Awards were made in two categories:  Best Web Sites as judged by the WayNet board and a People's Choice award, done online by the public.
     Richmond Apothecary won the Best Web Site award in the business category, while Richmond Baking Company won the People's Choice award.
     Easter Seals Wayne & Union Counties won the People's Choice award in the Not-For-Profit group, while the Richmond Symphony Orchestra took the Best West Site award.
     Centerville-Abington Community Schools grabbed both awards in the Government/Education category.
     And Bill Felker's "a little bit of something"  (http://april_fool1.tripod.com) got both awards for personal sites.
     The awards are made by the board to promote local web sites.
whf  9/30/03  11:25pm

Chris Hardie, left, conversing with newly installed president Randy Baker

(Richmond, IN)---Randy Baker of Richmond Power and Light is the new president of WayNet board of directors.  He was elected during the website's annual meeting at Earlham College Tuesday.  Baker replaces Chris Hardie of Summersault, who has been president for the past two years.  Thomas G. Kirk, Jr. of Earlham College was elected vice president/treasurer and Bill Felker, representing WHON/WQLK Radio, was re-elected secretary.  
     Dudley Fetzer of First Bank Richmond was named to replace Larry Turner on the board.
     Outgoing president Chris Hardie presented highlights of the last year, while Executive Director Jane Holman gave her annual report.
whf  9/30/03  11:12pm